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First, let me tell you I had never intended to affiliate with any product before though I've been asked many times.  If I could get a $1 for every bottle of coconut water kefir I have recommended...well let's just say, I'd be enjoying the extra cash!

That said, I spend countless hours and dollars researching, experimenting with, and dialoguing about products that I find interesting or helpful. 

Full Transparency: Affiliate Marketing does not yield the big bucks per product!  I will make between $5-$10 dollars off every bottle sold through Lumity depending on whether you purchase a one-time supply or opt for auto-replenish. That said, generating passive income helps support my drive to bring you the best and well-vetted health, wellness, beauty and home care products; I do the deep digging, ask the hard questions, fact-check, and demo products that I believe in, and believe will better one's diet lifestyle, and should you desire to purchase anything I suggest, by clicking through on any underlined word that leads you to the producer, they send me a few dollars on your behalf.  I like long as I stay committed to my pledge of integrity, transparency and responsible vetting, you get the value of this commitment at no cost to you, and the companies remunerate me for my efforts! 

So here's the skinny on Lumity and why I am recommending it:

Lumity is touted as "anti-aging"...I am so not into this phrase...I don't think "anti" anything bares the fruits desired but I digress...That said, as we know, "anti-aging" is a catch phrase we all identify to mean" Looking and feeling better".  Lumity is designed to combat 9 causes of aging from: oxidative damage, glycation, inflammation to DNA damage.  By addressing these and other issues associated with the aging process in adult women, Lumity promises better looking skin, deeper sleep, easier weight management, better brain know, the way you felt in your 20's!:)  Can Lumity really do all of this?  If you've worked with me than you know I do not believe in a "one-pill-fixes-all" mentality but I do know that taking proper, key supplements, along with living a comprehensive diet lifestyle, can contribute to achieving these goals.

#1 priority LCP HealthWorks requires before investigating further is:  PURITY of ingredients.  Lumity is non-GMO, pesticide free (with third party data to support this), and has gone to great lengths to third party test the non-rancidity of the flax used.

#2 priority LCP HealthWorks requires is: EFFICACY of chosen ingredients, aka the science-backed ideology behind the formulation.  I have learned ALOT about synergistic and anti-synergy issues with ingredient blends having worked for two years to create my non-GMO, non-glyphosate, fully sustainable plant based fish feed for the aquaculture industry, but again...I digress :)  Lumity is soon releasing science data to prove their claims, and will be posting them to their website in the coming months.  (That said, anecdotal evidence, and even the "placebo" effect also play a role that sometimes science seems to suggest should be discredited. I will be writing a blog about that in the near future for my membership community.) Lumity contains vitamins A, B, E and C, selenium, zinc, magnesium, iodine as well as turmeric root extract and flaxseed oil in its morning formula.  It's evening is a blend of potent amino acids and CoQ10.  All advertising phrases aside, I can attest that the science of these ingredients to support the claims is indeed there.

Many of these ingredients I take and recommend to most woman I work with anyway: CoQ10 for example has been clinically shown and supported by the Mayo clinic to "improve skin roughness and fine wrinkles" in combination with other antioxidants and minerals.  Magnesium is shown in countless studies to contribute to better, deeper sleep.  Tumeric is a known anti-inflammatory. 

Now, to say isolated studies of a vitamin will immediately translate to your experience is erroneous...many components play a role from variety (magnesium bicarbonate versus magnesium citrate...this is something I will blog about in future additions), best delivery methods (tumeric heated with black pepper is said to enhance the bio-availability...I will be blogging about the efficacy of this too and offering my findings to membership community!:))  bio-individuality (if you have Hashimtos for instance, you need to consult your physician before taking an iodine product, if at all).  That said, for the average woman ages 30-+, this is a very excellent selection of "beauty" related supplemental information all packaged nicely, vetted for purity, and ultimately reasonably priced considering how many different ingredients are in each cap.

The effects of these caps ARE CUMULATIVE. That is why auto-ordering makes sense for this item.

Amy Grier of Cosmopolitan tracked results using a skin scan over the course of several months of taking Lumity

Bare in mind, she is only 30 years-old yet she still saw improvements via the scan:

Elasticity had improved by 4.8%

Hydration had increased by 22%

Collagen had improved by 10.3%

And TEWL (Transepidermal water loss) changed by 5.17%.


#3 priority LCP HealthWorks requires is: VALUE.  To have worked with me is to to know that I am not into expensive, over-priced, over-hyped products.  I am much more a natural, do-it-yourself girl regardless of one's pocket book. I would opt for using coconut oil as a cleanser and olive oil as a moisturizer over almost any product on the market today for those purposes.  That said, sometimes, certain secondary characteristics override my stringency in this way.  For instances, sometimes it is nice to have pretty packaging or convenience in a product even if it means you may be paying a little more than you have to by going a less branded route. 


Lumity is not cheap at $100 per monthly supply.  Having not done the math, I can't prove this but I am fairly confident that you would not be paying much more if you had to buy all of the ingredients within each tablet; you take six in a day, three at night and three in the morning.


I am on my second month of taking them. I started taking them both out of curiosity, and because I am doing a fair amount of traveling soon, and wanted something that was easy to take with me as opposed to the countless bottles and jars I keep at home for my usual daily regimen (again these add up space-wise too so having them collected into one bottle for night and one bottle for morning is pretty user friendly).  Also, let's face it, I am always looking for the inside-out way to youthful beauty ;)

I will keep you posted in my next newsletter about what I may or may not notice with Lumity over the next month.  One thing I can say, I am very intuitive about what my body needs; again for those who have not worked with me, being static-clear with your vagus nerve, when you truly live a healthy diet lifestyle, helps greatly in this way, and I am definitely feeling a desire to continue taking these.  I find them easy to take, I like having a bookend beauty regimen (meaning morning and night), I think the branding and packaging is pretty! :), even if for me, white pills seem more morning and brown more evening...the questing of why they did the reverse keeps me intrigued ;)...Anyway, I am enjoying them and will let you know if the cumulative impact has made an anecdotal impact on how I feel...I am replacing duplicated supplements I was taking with them so if I feel a drop in anything, I will report back on this too.

Stay tuned or.........try them for yourself, and let me know your experience!

This is me...On the far right I have no make-up on, and no filter.  On the left I have tinted moisturizer on, and there is some punched light in the photo but no Photoshop; this was taken 1month and one week into taking Lumity regularly.  I am of an age that is not generally associated with dewy, glowing or even-toned skin without make-up.  I wouldn't say I have perfect skin but I will say my skin is better today than it was when I was in my 30's.  I credit many things to this, and Lumity is one of them! 

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