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About Laurie

It is never too late
to live a life that is

Meet Laurie

I see nutrition as a gateway to autonomy for some; the next logical step for others; a honing of one's intuition; a furthering of one's self- exploration; an opportunity to heal and seal; an invitation to live one's best life!


Sometimes my clients desire to focus solely on the nutritional aspects of my counseling, other times it is the emotional/energetic concerns that form our sessions, and often there is some of both. The mind/body connection is a powerful dialogue that only improves as we improve our diet lifestyle.

As a blogger, contributor to health newsletters and speaker, I can be heard on numerous radio and streaming talk shows, and work with clients one-one-one, in family and group settings.



I received my B. A. with a double major in history of mathematics and science/philosophy (ethics, metaphysics and political theory) and a minor in classical studies and comparative literature from St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I received my training in holistic nutrition from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (with support from SUNY Purchase, NY). I am a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  I continue to attend and contribute to workshops and summits, adding to my nutritional toolbox.  I am currently completing an additional certification in hormone balancing with IIN.


As co-founder of a national non-profit, F3C (Farm Food Freedom Coalition) that serves to educate and protect the rights of individual farmers, artisans and consumers, I am well-versed regarding current food quality compromises. I can help you navigate the often politically challenging and commercially deceptive food system so you can access truly nutrient dense foods from producers committed to sustainable and healthy food practices.

As Past Director of IRT (Insitutite Responsible Technology, that is a leader in GMO education, outreach and awareness campaigns, I am at the fore of GMO developements and integrate this knowledge into my practice as well as share this comprehensive education with my clients.

As a home-birthing, long-term breastfeeding mother, I understand the demands of family and the desire to provide the best life possible for one's children and can help you with these considerations.

As a contemporary woman living in an urban setting, I specialize in organic food, beauty/*youthafying and Paraben-free living for your home and self-care.

As a longtime foodie who has not only studied but tried many dietary theories, I can help assist you in finding what's right for you.

As a seasoned student of quantum/conscious living, I have come to value the pursuit of one's passion and am living by example.

Illuminating the path to health and wellness is my passion and my passion is lighting my path. I hope to meet you along the way.

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